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Topic: Great books

a good book

sarah | 09/03/2012

A great book to read is Forgotten, by cat patrick. It is about a girl, who loses her memory every night about the previous day.

Re: a good book

Leika | 09/03/2012

Cool! I'll read that book. I watched this movie a few weeks ago, and it was also about a girl losing her memory!!

Another Good Book

Kat | 09/04/2012

Hey everyone, another good book to read is Divergent by Veronica Roth. It's really interesting. You should read it!


Quennie | 09/29/2012

Katherine is totally right. Although it's slightly too romantic, if your not a Rachel (aka a person who starts shrieking every time a teacher says reproduce or baby or young or male or female etc.) you'll be fine with it. I have a copy of it if anyone wants to borrow it.

Funny books anyone?

Kat | 10/07/2012

A weird/funny book to read is "The Moffats", it's about 4 siblings named Sylvie, Joey,Rufus, and Jane. They do many weird and puzzling things.


Leika | 12/29/2012

I read those in 4th grade! I love reading those!

Freaky Cool

Quennie | 10/09/2012

I think that Kat and I have the same taste in books, or something, because I also love The Moffats. Adding on to that, a good book that I read recently is Lock and Key. It's about a girl who is sent to live with her sister because her mom abandoned her, and she has to get used to rich, snobby life instead of her typical, peasant life.

Up for the Internet?

Quennie | 10/09/2012

Have any of you read Luv Ya bunches, Violet in Bloom, or Oopsie Daisies? It's a series and it sometimes has instant messaging and occasionally a blog or video style chapter. It's really cool, so if the title sounds lame, it's not.
P.S. Sarah, in the above poll, you spelled weird incorrectly.
P.P.S. Sorry if I make my comments too long.

Back Again

Quennie | 11/03/2012

The sequel of Divergent is already out, and it's called insurgent! I already read it, and in my opinion, I like Divergent better, but whatevs!


sarah | 11/10/2012

Let's talk

Re: stuff

Kat | 04/30/2013

Ok. What's up anyone?

What did you eat yesterday?

(Geez, you only said talk! That's something.)

Great website.

Mom | 12/07/2012

Nice job Sarah!

I love

Olivia F | 12/26/2012

I love this website! Its so fun! Ps I meet Peyton List.

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I hope your enjoying this website, and by the way, making one is super easy. But... Please don't copy moi!


09/02/2012 15:15
Hi guys! On my website, we can chat about stuff. Right now the topic is great books. Post up stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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