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Topic: Christmas gifts


Sarah Xu | 12/29/2012

Here's what moi got
1 Red Taylor Swift
2 Red poster
3 Five nail art pens
4 Dream lite
5 Dance Central 3
6 Cute justice earphones
7 Yarn w/ knitting needles

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Favorite breed of dog, cat, fish, bear, horse, or snake.


Sarah Xu | 12/29/2012

My favorite dog breed in the world is a Pomeranian!
Search up Boo on Google. He's so cute!

Re: Pomeranian

Kat | 05/05/2013

Moi fav dog breed in the world is a beagle puppy!!! They are really, REALLY cute!
Also, they are awesome because Snoopy is a beagle!

But really, who would of though Snoopy was a beagle?

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Free chat


Sarah Xu | 12/29/2012

What's up guys? Anything cool lately?

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